COLOUR : sky

sky colour palette

From sunrise to sundown, sunny days to rainy ones, the colour of the sky holds endless possibilities. But for this month’s colour theme, I focused on the colour blue.

Every monthly feature starts off with a theme in mind, then it’s quickly followed by a word. From these two main topics, a colour is selected to highlight the pages.

This month’s sky colour was one of the more challenging to finalize.

Sitting outside while working on this month’s pages, not only was it difficult to clearly see the colours on the reflective screen, but the colour of the actual sky changed constantly!

I must have gone through two dozen Pantone colour swatches before settling on these:





Of course, I played around with the RGB’s from the selected Pantone swatches while trying to decide what name to designate to each colour, and those changed as often as the sky’s colour did!

It wasn’t until I selected this month’s featured photo that I decided on the names to go with each colour:

night sky

day sky

bright sky

light sky

This month’s creative imagination theme and word led me to include poems with every featured page.

I have to admit that my creative energy was somewhat drained by the time I reached the last page of this month’s featured highlights, so instead, I added one I had written before.


Next month’s colour palette has yet to be decided, but with highlights focusing on reality rather than fantasy, imagination and creativity will certainly still be a very big part of it!

MAY 2020

WORD : imagination

THEME : creativity

IMAGE : imago

PHOTO : sky light

COLOUR : sky

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