COLOUR : Slate

clean slate

etched slate

stone slate

coal slate

With extremely limited resources this month, I considered omitting the colour page altogether. But after reviewing the featured poem, Monet’s Song, the slate coloured cloud I witnessed while viewing a spectacular sunset forged it’s way through to become this month’s colour choice.

Although considered a grim colour by some, the variety of shades the colour grey comes in and the neutral tones it offers makes it one of my all-time favorites.

As for the word used to describe April’s shade of grey, I wavered between the colour of lead to describe pencils used for drawing, but settled on slate, as in a slate where thoughts could be etched into.

coal slate : #4e5a61

stone slate : #768289

etched slate : #b2bec5

clean slate : #d8dee1

APRIL 2020

POEM : monet’s song

WORD : etched

THEME : art

IMAGE : etchings

PHOTO : slated sunset

COLOUR : slate

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