COLOUR : sun

sun colour palette

Spring and summer in the northern hemisphere of the world where I live is a time to celebrate the sun!

This month’s sun beaming colour was selected for a few reasons, but primarily for its happy yellow glow.

Sitting outside while working on these web pages, I soaked-in every burst of sunshine with great pleasure.

Needless to say, I soon sought the shade because I was sunbaked in no time!

My colour search for this month’s pages started as it often does – by perusing through Pantone’s immense selection of colour swatches.

Having already selected the palest yellow from the colour palette applied to the pages designed for Becoming a Poem, I searched for similar tones which immediately led me to P12-0727.

This sunshine colour was a sure pick. But since I like to play with words and had already decided on names to describe this month’s sun shades and tones, I ever-so-slightly shifted the RGBs so as to not falsify Pantone’s true sunshine.

The same process was applied to P15-1050, which I renamed sunburst, and then moved the colour wheel to a darker shade for sunbaked.



82 : 53 : 7



223 : 163 : 69



251 : 225 : 133



246 : 247 : 213

Thank you for visiting CadentWords’ monthly features and highlights – have a wonderful summer and enjoy the sun!


POEM : newborn beach

WORD : truth

THEME : reality

IMAGE : truths

PHOTO : sunglow star

COLOUR : sun

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