COLOUR : wintry

Horizontal Wintry Gradient by Cadence

Selecting a colour scheme to go along with a winter theme isn’t as easy as it may seem. White is of foremost importance, especially if the theme of snow comes along with it. The variety of hues white comes in is really quite amazing. From greys to tans to rosy hues, I opted to focus on blues:

Vertical Wintry Gradient by Cadence

From falling snow, to a packed snowball, pure white snow inevitably takes on shades of blue. Just as a winter sky and the clouds preparing to release snowflakes, the soft and calm shades hovering between white and blue is also thought of as a cool colour – which is quite fitting since a wintry blue sky and the wintry white clouds releasing wintry snow to tumble to the ground, does have to be cool enough to do so.

Wintry Colour Palette by Cadence

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COLOUR : wintry

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