December 2020

December 21st brings in the winter solstice, which means that wintertime days will gradually become longer and brighter.

This month is all about things that shine – snowflakes and wintry sunshine – let’s indulge in the pleasures of wintertime!

a note from Cadence:

Well into the last month of the year, 2020 has been a doozy, and not in a fun way. December, a time of celebration for many around the world, with an ongoing pandemic that has only recently brought hope of a vaccine, this will still be a difficult holiday season for many.

The choice to not focus on the pandemic since it first hit in Spring, the content featured in this December issue is no different. Selecting the theme of wintertime while focussing on the word snow when I live where the climate is mild and rainy, I’m forced to search for inspiration other than the splendour before my eyes. Luckily, having grown up in Montreal, Quebec, I’m familiar with colder weather and white covered grounds, but more importantly, I still cherish wintertime memories that revolve around one of my favourite holidays.

Separating wintertime and Christmastime is an impossibility for me, therefore in this final edition of Cadent Words & More, the December features & highlights will be filled with cheer and dustings of snow brushing through the pages, with the hope to brighten up the shorter and darker days that come with every winter season.

For those who have read my Cadent Words throughout the year 2020 – thank you for taking the time to do so. I’m uncertain what 2021 holds, but I do know this, whether shared on my website or not, I’ll continue to search for, and find, something positive to think of and write about through any kind of season.

Cadence B.

Sit back by the fireside or wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket while swooshing and sliding through the features highlighting wintertime:

POEM : snowflakes

WORD : snow

THEME : wintertime

DRAWING : snowflake kisses

PHOTO : winter blooms

COLOUR : wintry

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