Eternal Ecstasy

by Cadence Beret

If I were a wave
With you by my side
Moving with the wind
On the ocean’s bed

Together we would glide
Where we would crest and swell and surge
We’d undulate and oscillate, fluctuate and slide
At times gently
Sometimes intensely
Always rhythmically
Swaying to and fro
Heaving up and down

Moving with the wind
On the ocean’s bed

Then the beach would come
Where we would rise and curl and crash
Joined together for a moment, an eternity
White foam spray and mist
Is what we would become
Then we would clasp together
For a brief embrace
And roll back out again

Moving with the wind
On the ocean’s bed
Together you and I
Two waves side by side

Eternal Ecstasy is a poem that led to an endless study of the ocean’s motion and a search for words describing all the senses it evokes. The one to inspire a series of poems included in a collection titled Ocean Air, select the following tab to catch more ocean and air inspired waves of thoughts:

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