IMAGE : Etchings


A pencil drawing inspired by a metal sculpture, a mountainous horizon, and etchings of the neurons flowing through my mind.

Having passed by this metal sculpture hundreds of times and having sat by it as often, one morning, while reading up on brain waves, gray matter, and neurons, I sat on a park bench close to this popular metal sculpture and viewed it again, but from a different angle and perspective than I had before.

The dark metal curves led my eyes to the lush verdant undulations of the mountainous backdrop which I also viewed daily over the years. On this particular day, as they so often did, the mountains took on yet another role to inspire thoughts, words, poems, and this drawing.

Looking at the outline of dark metal curves against the natural greenery, the view of a masterfully coloured image took shape.

As colourful as the unravelling thoughts and images were, with only a HB and 2B pencil, I set out to draw my meandering thoughts while looking back and forth between the solid metal sculpture, the immense natural mountains, and the etchings of lead pencil onto a white piece of paper.

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APRIL 2020

POEM : monet’s song

WORD : etched

THEME : art

IMAGE : etchings

PHOTO : slated sunset

COLOUR : slate

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