IMAGE : imago


the imago I dreamed of

the life I was to live

has not materialized

not metamorphosized

Easily perceived as an abstract self-portrait, this is a drawing created while visualizing the different and various aspects of the journey I embarked on when boarding the creative writing train.

Departing from what I like to call my imagination station, very much like any other venture and endeavour, it came with apprehension, exhilaration, confusion, enlightment, some losses, and some rewards. But it’s also loaded with endless possibilities.

This month’s featured image, a drawing retitled Imago, was originally linked to a poem titled Picasso I’m Not. But after including it with this month’s featured highlights, I’ve come to think of it as the cartoon character, Pinderella.


MAY 2020

WORD : imagination

THEME : creativity

IMAGE : imago

PHOTO : sky light

COLOUR : sky

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