Image : Viridescently

No matter how many times I write or type the word calla lily, I incessantly consistently misspell it.

Calla with its double-l’s always incites me to do the same with lily. I must have misspelled this word a thousand times. Even while finalizing the page banner included with this month’s image, I started to wonder if every on-line dictionary and search engine had been hacked to replace lilly with lily!

Even though I could argue that lilly is implied as the middle name of a person, it isn’t so, not in this case. So as disgruntled as I was, I opted to comply with the reliable sources available to me, and however tempted I might be to debate this word’s spelling and my desire to change it, I’ll stick to the topic, which is the image.

Similar to the abstract self-portrait drawings featured in January and February, this one differs slightly in the sense that it isn’t a drawing of myself but of a person by the name of Calla.

I drew this image as a gift for my daughter’s 22nd birthday. This image, along with a poem included in a compilation of other poems written for her, is what led me to develop the website Cadent Words.

To view the poem Pearlescence in its entirety and to read more about the drawing, please select Becoming a Poem from the Cadent Words menu, or go directly to 22 : Pearlescence.

Be sure to look through March’s Cadent Words to capture all things viridescent.

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