Week 1 : Cadence

What does this poem mean?

The final English translation resulted in adding a couple of extra verses. I simply couldn’t fit all I meant in French into four English lines.

The first verse, translated word for word from French to English is a very brief summary of how and why I write poetry:

Je danse une cadence de mots = I dance a cadence of words

These six words, whether they be expressed in French or English, are intended to capture attention and to lead the reader into his or her own imagination.

What I meant to convey through this unconventionally structured verse, was how words dance through my head and move through my entire body until I release them from hand to pen to paper – or onto a keyboard and into a computer.

The following three lines are somehow meant to state a point through lighthearted humor. But before I get to that point, let me try to translate these three lines directly to English:

Des mots très bien écrits = Words very well written

Qui sont très bien compris = Which are very well understood

Quand lis par des bons yeux = When read by good eyes

After revising this poem and requesting the opinion of a person I have great respect for, some French corrections took place, but there is one error in French conjugation that I chose to keep as I originally wrote it. Can you guess which one?

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In no way is this meant disrespectfully. I have incredible respect and admiration for all languages and especially for those who dedicate themselves to its proper form and use. However, even though the last line is improperly conjugated – I prefer how it sounds. Or perhaps I should say that I prefer the cadence of the words with the continuous “e” note rather than the “u” one, so I opted to keep it as is.

Why I choose to explain these poems, I’m still uncertain, but to wrap-up the first week of Cadent Poems, here is the intended meaning of Cadence:

Words, however they may be written, are often very well understood by well-meaning persons.

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Having survived Week 1 of French translations, I can now get back to dancing!

Week 2 brings another danced themed poem – short and sweet and in English please!

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