Week 2 : Cadencing

If you ever attended a ballet class or have been privy to a dance recital, you might recognize and appreciate the incredible feats dancers achieve.

Cadencing, the first stanza of a poem I originally titled Symmetrical Motion, is meant to honor the incredible dedication, strength, endurance, and beauty of dancers and how they express – with their bodies – what many can’t do with words.

The second of four stanzas from this week’s poem continues my quest to translate English and French poems. But I must admit, as much as I want to focus on language, I can’t help but to be carried away with thoughts of dance.

Although I never reached the heights of professionalism, I enjoyed and greatly benefited from dance classes in my teens and into early adulthood. Attending daily classes starting with ballet every morning, instilled a sense of dedication to my body’s physical health and my need and desire for movement. Furthermore, had I not been immersed in dance, I don’t think I would have developed such a solid understanding of dedication and respect, not only for instructors, mentors, and fellow dancers, but for the organization and company I represented.

Keep reading – there are two more stanzas to Cadencing and a French translation too!

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