Week 4 : Cadency

Week 4 of January’s bilingual challenge – translations French to English and English to French – continues with another dance-themed poem.

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Why did I select a dance theme to kick-off this translation challenge?

Because I love dance.

Dance was the first creative art I was intensely immersed into and I loved everything about it. I loved getting up first thing in the morning and riding my bike down to the school. I loved when I was the first to arrive and the studios were unlit, chilled and so silent. I loved when we all individually started moving together as one through bar exercises, and the room would gradually warmed up, just as we did.

After an hour and a half of ballet and a fifteen minute break, we’d get into jazz, tap, more ballet, or whatever the artistic director had scheduled for the week. Training went from 9am to 4pm, but often carried later-on in the day if a studio was free for extra practice, or if extra rehearsals were required for an upcoming performance.

I loved discovering how easily my body adapted – even though I didn’t have a perfect dancer’s figure. I loved feeling the music flow through my entire body and translating it effortlessly into motion – even though I don’t play a musical instrument. I loved being on stage and feeling the energy from the audience while confident of my every move and aware of every dancer’s motion surrounding me. It was the most incredible experience that allowed me to discover the sensory exchange between individuals working and performing together, as well as the powerful resonance of an audience.

I loved everything about dance. I loved training. I loved the camaraderie shared between dancers, choreographers, and instructors. And I loved performing.

Interestingly enough, as much as I adored and thrived in a collaborative extroverted creative environment, I now gravitate to writing. Which, not entirely by choice, I took on entirely on my own.

In complete introspection and solitude while distanced from friends and family, I sought to myself for inspiration and motivation. However lonely and bleak some days were, I’m incredibly proud of the pieces I produced out of absolutely nothing other than a desire to keep myself busy through the only creative and mentally stimulating art form I could afford.

Having gone on and on about my first love of dance, perhaps the question I should have posed is why I chose to revolve around the word cadence.

One of these words is not like the other and can’t be found in the dictionary!

Can you guess which one?

Take this fun and easy quiz to test your cadent knowledge!

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Keep reading for the second stanza of Cadency and more on the word cadence.

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