Week 5 : Cadenciel

Call me a romantic if you wish, I often revert to affection, love, and longings when writing.

Cadences (which might still be changed to Cadenciel) is a short poem I wrote a few mornings ago. Considering how this is January’s final translation, I felt somewhat melancholic when thinking of how I’ll soon be moving away from a theme so dear to me.

Dance being one of my first creative loves and French being one of the two languages I grew up with brings both of these topics very close to my heart.

As off-track as this content might seem, I’m merely prepping myself for next month’s theme!

I will get to this poem’s translation, but before doing so, click on “categories” for a glimpse at this month’s bilingualism, next month’s focus on romanticism, and the following month exploring naturism!

With only one page left to January’s notes, I’m still inclined to change this poem’s title and revert to what I originally thought it should be – Cadenciel.

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