Week 5 : Cadenciel

Having survived January’s translation challenge, I am awarding myself the prize of choosing to title this last poem however I please!

Cadential it is Cadenciel!

I do want to reiterate how I absolutely respect any language and its correct usage, but I also think it’s important to have some fun. I’ve come to quite enjoy playing with words, especially when it involves themes I love such as dance. But as much as I love dance and the French language – I’m so relieved and super-pleased for this month to be over!

I couldn’t have pulled through French translations without some much needed feedback from a person I have great respect for. Not only did this person introduce me to dance (the theme that fueled this month’s poems), but this individual is incredibly brilliant and precise at anything she takes one.

It was my mother who signed me up for dance when I was a young teen. Had she not, I can’t imagine where I would have diverted all the energy brewing inside me. She was also the one who patiently recited French verb conjugations with me through high school, and although we still live at opposite ends of the country, she was kind enough to email some much needed corrections to my French translations.

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Thank you for reading through January’s Cadent Poems.

Next week kicks off a month of love and romance and a brand new word to play with!

While not technically brand new, February’s Cadent Word – apricity, was first introduced in the 17th century, but it remains excluded from the dictionary.

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