Week 5 : Cadenciel

This month’s final dance-themed poem suggests it would like to last eternally.

The French word éternellement – easily translated to its English version eternally – is exactly how long it’s taking me to reach a decision on this poem’s title.

However easily the cadence of thoughts flowed into words while writing the lines to this poem, I vacillated eternally on its title!

Eager to apply another of the few options to the English word cadence, I was determined to title this poem Cadential. But when the words for the poem came to me in French rather than English, I was thrown into momentary chaos.

The absolutely lovely phonetic translation for cadential sounds like cadenciel. As though combining rhythm and sky to become one – it perfectly suits this poem!

After several on-line and dictionary searches, unable to find a recognized French version of cadenciel or cadencielle, I thought I should settle for a derivative of cadence that is properly spelled in both languages – cadences.

Known as being stubborn, although I prefer the term “determined”, I persisted with my initial inclination and was somewhat pleased and a little excited after a quick English to French google translation confirming the French word cadentiel as being an actual word. But when falling back on my trusted French pal Larousse – there was no such word to be found.

So for the sake of language and applying correct and recognized words to Cadent Poems, I chose the word Cadences for the French and English title of this poem.

This is what happens when I write for the purpose of sharing rather than for the selfish purpose of personal pleasure. I abandon a most beautiful and best suited word for linguistic correctness.

Just as I’ve yet to share this poem in its entirety (there are four more lines to the second stanza), I’ve yet to reach a final decision regarding this titular conundrum.

Before I reach full disclosure of the content and translation, may I ask which you prefer? Cadences or Cadential?

Keep reading to catch the second stanza of this poem and a possible title change too!

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