June 2020

Newborn Beach

When you were itsy bitsy

I would take you with me

Together we would go

And sit close to the sea

Love’s Constellation

A few lines taken from this month’s featured poem, Newborn Beach also features this month’s image – a drawing of the two subjects of this poem at the beach.

The first of a collection of poems included in Becoming a Poem : 22 for you, view Newborn Beach in its entirety here:

Newborn Beach

A note from Cadence:

This month’s featured highlights being all about truth and reality, I have to be honest regarding how the stress of Covid restrictions and isolation has affected me.

The truth is that I’ve been isolated and restricted for years due to extreme financial limitations, and the ongoing stress of living in temporary accomodations is one I’ve become numb to. So the more recent added restrictions didn’t affect me as severely as they may have for some, and overall, my housing situation is somewhat better than it was a year ago.

Reading this month’s featured poem brings back memories of a time that was filled with excitement and anticipation as I looked forward to the birth of my child. It’s also the beach where I mourned my father’s death, and it’s a place where I shared many wonderful days with friends and family. I’m also reminded that, just a year ago, it’s one of the locations where I slept due to homelessness. And as pitiful as that might seem, this particular beach, being one of my favourite places to be, I somehow always felt safe and comfortable there.

What I’ve come to call Newborn Beach is also a place where I spent a great deal of time writing and drawing during weeks and months that turned into years where I tried to fill my days while under financial duress. I’m proud of myself to have resorted to that as a pastime to keep my mind stimulated and alert while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine during days filled with very few options of things to do.

I’m also very grateful and thankful to still be temporarily accommodated at a friend’s house, because as much as I love the beach and the outdoors, I much prefer and should – as everyone should – have the right to the safety, security, and healthy comfort of a home.

Cadence B.



POEM : newborn beach

WORD : truth

THEME : reality

IMAGE : truths

PHOTO : sunglow star

COLOUR : sun

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