Love Comes Around : Evanescent Icicles

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Author: Cadence Beret

Unlike the golden pocket watch that went missing decades ago, the heart locket you gave me, I still have. Safe in my dresser drawer, it’s best kept there rather than shown dangling close to my heart.

“I know it’s too soon, but I want you to have this.” You said as you reached into your coat pocket and pulled out a small envelope.

“I thought we agreed not to do this. This gift exchanging thing.” Surprised and slightly taken aback, with Valentine’s just a couple of days away, you clearly reneged on the conversation we had had when we first met.

“It’s not like that.” You said lightly as you moved towards me and extended the envelope my way. “It’s important though, and I’d like you to have this.”

I remained guarded and unflinching. Had you not been so confident, other than crossing my arms or turning away, anyone certainly would have been disheartened and discouraged. But you were neither. Like I, there seemed to be so much more stirring within you.

You opened the envelope and pulled out a small note. Instantly taken back to the day when we first walked together through town, when I curled my fingers inside your palm for warmth, you gently and warmly unraveled them now.

“You can read it later.” You said while gently slipping the note into my palm. I watched intently as you reached into the envelope again.

Why I felt so hesitant somewhat disconcerted me, but I remained unaffected and detached. The tyranny of thoughts and emotions that cycloned through me, varying from ecstatic joy to trepidation and fear, I kept at bay as you placed the envelope on the sofa table.

I must have felt like an ice block when you brushed past me and stood close behind. But all soon melted when your lips kissed my shoulder tip.

“I just didn’t know how else to express this.” You kindly whispered and went on to say, “This holds the two most important and meaningful people to me.” You opened the heart locket to show me a tiny photo of Cailyn and I. That’s when the guarded ice block surrounding every part of me dissolved into vapour and disappeared.

A single teardrop escaped and landed in your hand. The same hand that held the locket, mine slowly moved up to wipe it clear. My head tilted back slightly to rest comfortably into the alcove between your chest and shoulder. How perfectly and comfortably your body met mine, surpassed any other I had ever been this close to.

Before you could place the locket around my neck, I turned into you to hold you close. Countered with the featherlike weight of your strong arms, I don’t know that I’d ever held anyone so tightly before.

“Thank you. This means more to me than anything ever before.” I muffled into your chest and then looked into your kind pale blue eyes. Eyes so sincere yet so obscure, as much as I wanted to let you in, there always seemed to be something holding me back.

Then like a gentle tide rolling in, your eyes filled, so I lifted myself up to place my lips where a tear so sweet I kissed.

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