Love Comes Around : Refreshing Pines

Presented by: Cadent Words
Author: Cadence Beret

I fiddled with the oars after the tip of the kayak sent them cascading like dominoes onto the concrete floor. Without my knowing, you had noticed as I pulled out of the pebbled beach. This, I had achieved with agility and ease. Even hiking up the hill with kayak and oar was easily managed, until a breeze or swirling buzz distracted me as though a bumble bee had whizzed by. Albeit not jumpy, I was momentarily distracted because there was no bee and I felt no breeze. But when I turned, what I did see, was your stoic presence.

Luxuriant and verdant
Not evil or envious
The warmest kindest greenest eyes
To ever fall on me

The sight of you sent a familiar and pleasant jolt through my core which led my upper body to rise and tilt back slightly. That’s when the clickity sound of oars, like fingertips on piano keys, cascaded onto the concrete floor. I instantly placed my gear aside to gather the raffle, and although it felt like an eternity of embarrassment, only a few seconds passed before you were by my side.

Although this was not a dream
It felt surreal
To hear and feel and see you
Once again so close to me

I reached for one of the several tangled oars only to feel it slide away from me. That’s when I looked up to see you standing at such close proximity, holding the opposite end of the same oar I had in hand. I paused for a millisecond while a million memories rushed through. I knew it was you, but I couldn’t quite comprehend how it could possibly be, so I assumed it wasn’t. But then you smiled so kindly and asked, “Candice? Is it really you?”

The stare of awe and surprise was barely noticeable as it was mixed-in with slight disbelief and confusion. My facial expression did not flinch as I stood up and realized I’d stopped breathing. A quick intake of air released a slight curl from my lips, “Charlie?” I asked inquisitively while trying to contain the surge of excitement stirring inside.

I couldn’t believe how your green eyes
Could again so easily
Shine through me
To so pleasantly ignite

A swirling whiz of ecstasy

Peeling off the sea-dampened weather gear, the chilled air seeped into the woven under-layers keeping me warm. You handed me the jacket I had pulled out of my backpack, and that’s when every cold shiver instantly ceased. Like the very first time you had touched me, the sensation of your fingertip barely brushing against my skin sent a delicate tingling sensation to apricity my entire being.

The conversation flowed as naturally
As dew rolling off leaves
As though all time passed in between
Ceased to be

Impossible for us to not recall the last time we had been together, coincidentally both out on a weekend kayak trip, we reminisced briefly. Unlike this late winter day, it was late summer when we had kayaked to the secluded island less than an hour out of the cove. As warming as those memories were, the early evening chill brushed through the air and brought with it what would be this winter’s last snowfall.

We agreed to get together
Wednesday for coffee
We parted with a warm goodbye
Wishing time would freeze

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