Love Comes Around : Winter Waits

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Author: Cadence Beret

Four days had passed since Cailyn’s return. It had been nine nights since she last saw him, and still, there had been no word.

“Eleven is the cut-off” She recalled him once saying. If the eleventh day came without a word from either one, both of them would call in.

She pulled the thick duvet away from the bed’s corner and tucked the feather-filled pillows against the headboard. Then, before the phone even rang, her eyes quickly shifted to catch the blinking light.

“Have a good sleep mom. I’ll see you in the morning.” Cailyn’s invitation for a morning walk and breakfast was comforting and a pleasant thought to ease her into another night.

Another night
Another night
Without you here

After a quick read, she flicked the light off and sank into the comfort of the down-filled bed. As discomforting as her thoughts were, she had long ago learned to set her mind at ease for a restful sleep.

Last night I slept again
Without you here

But in my dreams
You’re always near

Another night
Another night
Without you near

After I wake
From this night’s sleep

Another day will come
And you’ll be here

Another night
Another night
You will be here

I swirled and turned onto my right
And held you tight

And then the morning light
Saw your pillow so white

Warmed by the heat captured below the cozy comforter, she lay awake for a while before the gentle hum of the morning call went off. She had set her phone for 6:00am to allow time for a vigorous exercise routine prior to meeting-up with Cailyn.

Barely dried off after a quick shower, she wrapped herself up with a towel to catch the ringing phone.

“Mom, there’s been a slight change in plans.” Christa’s heart sank.

“My dad’s going to join us for breakfast, he’s here with a friend.” Her heart slowly climbed up again.

“I’m not supposed to say anything, but knowing what you must be going through, I’m not able to keep this from you.” The pause passed without a word from Christa, then Cailyn went on to say, “Your brother’s here with my dad.”

Christa rolled her eyes, shook her head, and refrained any words from escaping her.

“I know, I know, you haven’t seen him in a long time, and it’s not who you expected, but everything’s going to be okay mom. Please don’t worry. I’m heading over to pick you up now.”

Cailyn’s caring but rushed tone instantly softened when Christa wrapped up their conversation, “Thanks for everything you’re doing. This isn’t easy for any of us. I love you.”

Christa slowly placed the phone down after her daughter’s kind words, “I love you too mom. I’ll see you in less than fifteen minutes.”

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