Love Comes Around : Winter Whispers

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Author: Cadence Beret

“I’m collecting hearts.” He said as they walked along the salt-covered sidewalk.

The paper bag crumpled into her gloved hands as he asked her to hold the bottle of wine they had just purchased. After a couple of quick shots, they looked at the pictures. What a great eye he had. With only streetlights reflecting on what was left of winter’s snow, the outline of a heart melting into the sidewalk was so clearly seen in the photo.

They returned to her apartment for a quiet evening dinner. As much as they loved to dine out, both of them also enjoyed preparing meals together. Only six months since they had met, everything flowed so easily and naturally between the two. But there was something peculiar about this evening. Although both quite comfortable with silence between them, there was a weight of concern looming with his every gaze.

“Do we have all the ingredients for this?” She asked casually while adding oregano to the sauce, “Cuz you seem to be in rather deep thought.”

A few stirs without a response, she lifted the spoon and blew on it gently. Her palm below to avoid any drips, she lead it towards his lips for a taste.

“Delicious.” Eyes locked, they both smiled as he gently took the spoon from her hand and placed it in the sink, “There’s nothing missing here other than to let it simmer.”

Closer like this
I like it when move like this
So close to this

The change in rhythm they both slid into was always effortless. He lowered the stove-top settings to ensure nothing would overcook or burn, while every heated particle of air intensified as he turned and moved closer to her. Then all dissipated with the touch of his hands as he drew her in and lifted her into his arms. Thighs firmly wrapped around his waistline, dinner’s aromas wafted into the living room where the mellow cadence of music met his steps as he led her into the bedroom.

Whispering snow drifts
Whisk through air
Whenever we’re near
What becomes so clear
Whilst in whimsical
White noise silence
Wishing forever
With you like this

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