Love Comes Around : Winter Worries

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Author: Cadence Beret

Cailyn’s father and Jake took to the slopes for a day of downhill skiing. A much deserved reprieve from the intensity and stress Jake had recently mustered through, it was also a good time for both to catch up on upcoming changes.

Meanwhile, Christa’s brother and Jonathan were back at the lodge going over the next travel arrangements, leaving mother and daughter to spend some time together as they rehearsed though the next few days with their new identities.

“So much for a hot tropical beach getaway.” Cailyn gibed as she pulled a chair next to Christa.

“Yes, I agree. But at least we’re all here together.”

Jonathan, to Cailyn’s relief, had arrived only a few days after Jake. With the core group together again, they prepared themselves for the next relocation.

“I can’t keep up with this name-changing thing anymore.” Cailyn chuckled before taking a sip of hot coffee.

“I know – but it’s kinda fun though.” Christa’s light-hearted demeanor reassured Cailyn as she and Jonathan were adjusting to this new change, then both were brought to laughter as Christa went on, “I mean, I spent the summer with Tom, Thanksgiving with Mark and now I’m with Jake!” Shaking their heads, laughter subsided until Christa added, “I can’t remember being with this many men in a single year!”

As funny as it all sounded, Cailyn understood how thankful her mother was to finally be reunited with those she loved. Nevertheless, while keeping the mood pleasant, she couldn’t help but wonder what was ahead of them.

“I’m not sure that I even like Jonathan’s new name. I mean, Frank? As in Frankie? Sounds like Fynn’s brother if you ask me.” Cailyn tried to make light of the situation while Christa laughed at the thought of Jonathan cavorting around with their furry pal Fynn.

“Frank and Chloe. Well, I think that sounds like a perfect match.” Christa remarked as she habituated herself with Cailyn’s new name.

They both enjoyed their time together, but the circumstances looming and surrounding them made for challenging days ahead.

“Do you have any idea where we go from here?” Chloe’s slightly heightened intonation cued Christa to her rising tension. “I mean, what about Fynn and Dexter? Will we ever see them again?”

The cinnamon-flavoured gulp of coffee slid down Christa’s throat as she considered the seriousness of Chloe’s concerns.

“I don’t know any of the details other than our new names for now.” She reached for her daughter’s hand, “But as impossible and complicated as this is, I’m just really glad you and Jonathan are here with us.”

Having grown attached to their pup, Christa understood how Dexter had become important to both Frank and Chloe. She went on to reassure Chloe that the dogs were in good hands by reminding her that her mother and sister were back at the home they had left behind after Thanksgiving dinner.

“I’m sure Fynn’s keeping a close watch on him too.” Christa and Jake’s five-year-old Lab was a well-trained companion she hoped they would also soon be reunited with.

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