Love Comes Around : Winter's Wonders

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Author: Cadence Beret

“I told you I’d be right back.”

Still in somewhat of a stupor, the cadent and elegant manner in which he wafted through snow had caught her attention. It wasn’t a swagger or strut, but there was an attractive confidence in the way he carried himself.

He moved like him, but looked nothing like him. Had he not touched her as their paths crossed, she very well might have walked past him. It wasn’t even a touch, but more of a tingling whisper. It was that undeniable sensation that whisked through her whenever he was near.

Whispering snow drifts
Whisk through air
Whenever you’re near
What becomes so clear
Wherever we’ve been
Whatever we’ve seen
What-ifs don’t exist
When we’re both here

Unrecognizable with darker hair, the change in the colour of his eyes was what perplexed her most. But the sound of his voice and his touch was like no other. She’d never known anyone to ever feel like that before. It was as though they had been together lifetimes ago and longer.

“Mmm …” His index gently pressed on her lips before she could even pronounce his name.

“Shh.” He hushed her gently as he drew nearer, “It’s Jake.”

So close she could feel the warmth of his breath, he whispered in her ear, “I really didn’t mean to keep you waiting this long.”

Again we are
No matter how long or far
We’ve been apart
Again we are

All sounds disappeared and everything around them dissipated as he looked straight into her eyes and said, “It’s over.”

Like a night sky filled with stars, her glittering eyes welled into tears of joy. For so many years, their lives had been scattered, strewn and stunted. So many years apart when they should have been together. Finally, the legal trial was over and they could get on with their lives. Her thoughts still somewhat scattered, she shook off the tears and escaped from past memories. With a coquettish grin, one she kept just for him, relief and joy washed over him as she playfully asked, “Well Jake, what are we going to do with ourselves now?”

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