Living Truth

by Cadence Beret

The truth is that I live in
The suite of someone’s home
That’s under renovation

Which is better than the year before
When I slept on a beach
Or a public washroom floor

Which was sometimes better than before
When I slept in a storage room
Where I could keep some clothes

Which was somehow better than before
When I paid for a tiny suite
At a local homeless shelter

Which was at times better than before
When I paid for another suite
But couldn’t afford electricity

Which was sometimes better than before
When I shuffled in-between
Hotel rooms and the streets

But before those days came around
I owned my very own
Small two-bedroom condo
But that didn’t last too long

The truth is that before all that
I slept on my mother’s couch
With my life packed-up in storage

And before all that my daughter and I
Shared a small one-bedroom suite
Where we both just kept on struggling

Cuz before all that we both lived
On the top floor of a home
That ate up all my money

But before those days we tried to live
In subsidized housing
Where I was reminded daily
That I should leave

The truth is that my living truth
Has gone on and on
For far too long
And although I’m still here
I’m constantly reminded
That I should leave

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