Marie Canary

by Cadence Beret

Marie Murry was once single
But then she married Matt Murry
So what was once Marie Canary
Is now Marie Murry

And when they meet new friends
They cannot comprehend
A single word she says

“Hello my name is Marie Murry
And this is my husband Matt Murry.”
They always say, “Excuse me?”

So then Marie Murry
Who once was Marie Canary
Repeats herself again

“Hello my name is Marie Murry
And this is my husband Matt Murry
Pleased to meet you, how are you?”

And even though Marie Murry
Repeated herself very clearly
They always say, “Excuse me?”

Very soon Marie and Matt Murry
Will be hatching three new Murry’s
Mitch, Mick, and Metta Murry
What a happy canary family!

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