May 2020

Love’s Constellation

I once was the cerulean sky

On which you leaned upon

I drew on every constellation

To make your dreams come true

Bits and pieces of Love’s Constellation are featured to highlight not only a creative way to apply imagination, but it also highlights this month’s colour – the colour of the sky.

One of a collection of poems included in Becoming a Poem : 22 for you, view Love’s Constellation in its entirety here:

Love’s Constellation

A note from Cadence:

April showers may very well bring May flowers, but April 2020, with all of the Corona Virus related restrictions, felt more like a torrential downpour than a month of showers!

However difficult it was, I’m proud to have pulled through yet another month. Albeit not as severely affected as most people were and continue to be, it’s interesting to be reminded of how resilient and resourceful people are.

As mentioned last month, I continue to create and design some new content for CadentWords’ web pages, but I will intentionally avoid focussing on the Covid-19 circumstances we all face and instead I’ll allow myself to creatively get carried away with my imagination.

Cadence B.

MAY 2020

POEM : love’s constellation

WORD : imagination

THEME : creativity

DRAWING : imago

PHOTO : sky light

COLOUR : sky

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