Monet’s Song

by Cadence Beret

Two sunsets
One translucent moon
Every colour of the spectrum
Can be seen tonight
Monet’s song brushes upon
A silent horizon

Two sunsets painted in the sky
Reflections can be seen
Beyond the ocean and the mountains
A slate of thin grey cloud slips-in
A canvas laid-out in the sky
For Monet to stroke upon

The sun glows behind the mountains
And above the clouds
While every colour of the spectrum
Spreads through the horizon

One translucent moon appears
While the sun prepares to sleep
The stage is set upon the sky
For a silent lullaby
Brushing away the day
Filling our nights with dreams

The moon brings with it happiness
Translucent dreams for all to see
While the sun’s colour spectrum
Shines through dreams and the horizon

What a sight it was tonight
Two setting suns one moon
If only I had a paint brush
Or a camera
I could have portrayed so much more
Than simple words on paper

Nevertheless no matter what
I cannot help myself but think
How delightful it would have been
If Monet had been here tonight
To paint a masterpiece
Of this silent horizon

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