October 2020

October comes to an end, and November brings with it colder weather and shorter days, so why not slide into the sultry category of sensualism to highlight sensual words and poems?

Readers should bear in mind that the following features and highlights are meant to stimulate the mind while encouraging everyone to read and write. So, without further ado, slip into Cadence’s savoury words by starting with this note:

a note from Cadence:

Featuring sensualism as a writing theme while attempting to maintain content for a general audience is no simple task, but it certainly is a sweet one!

Some might think of it as saving the best for last, and I would agree. The year 2020 is nearing an end, and after a year of being focussed and intent on presenting new themes and creative writing pieces to Cadent Words, I’m pleased and delighted to delve into the slightly salacious theme of sensualism.

Stimulating the libidinous zones of my creative writing mind while tantalizing readers to look up words and to write titillating pieces of their own, it’s important to mention that the theme of sensualism may not be suitable for everyone.

Geared for playful adults who enjoy reading and writing, these features & highlights are not x-rated, but they just might tickle certain intellectual and creative erogenous zones.

Cadence B.

Peruse through the features highlighting the theme of sensuality – there’s a paroxysmal poem, a blissful word, and more delights to tantalize the mind:

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