Paroxysmal Delight

Author: Cadence Beret

I love how I can feel you
Anywhere and everywhere
Every time you’re near
And anytime you’re not here
You’re the air I breathe
The breeze that touches me
The zephyr that moves me
You’re everything I need
There are no words to describe
The absolute bliss
The sense of completeness
When every particle within
In and all around me
And then subside
      exhilarated excitement
      uncontrolled release
      ebullient delight
      white noise silence
I am water reaching shore
I surge and crest and crash and roar
Every particle within
Bursts and explodes
Fizzes and foams
Blended with the air
I am vaporized
With you by my side
You are the atmosphere
Inside and all around me
We move together
We hover together
We slide and glide
Together side by side
Always and forever
You and I
      eternity exists
      with you by my side
      with you I’ll always be

Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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