PHOTO : delightfully blissed

to be aglow with you
in all of nature’s truth
is pure heavenly bliss
like our very first kiss

Selecting images to highlight the features of sensualism might seem like a simple task, but choosing to tickle the mind without resorting to the human body’s sensual and sexual attributes poses certain challenges. Opting to focus on nature’s truth rather than epicurean delights, this photo was a perfect match for a natural inclination towards simple pleasures.

The radiating glow of the rising sun is a spectacular view in full colour, but adhering to black and white images selected to go with the intensity of a red hot colour scheme certainly led to some enlightening inspirations.

View the beginning of this brief poem featured with this delightfully blissed photo, and take a peek at the sun’s full colour glow:

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Features and highlights focussing on sensualism will soon come to an end, but words and thoughts flowing through the imagination might not.

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