PHOTO : night sky’s star

the sun the moon
you shine upon
the blue the black
the skies are yours

Although we all know that the moon isn’t designated as a star, this photo was originally selected to accompany a poem titled Night Sky’s Star.

The photo pictured here, representing the black beauty of a midnight sky, is quite fitting to represent somber things, but the poem itself, resides in the realism category of Cadent Poems.

One of a collection of poems included in Becoming a Poem : 22 for you, the lines featured here are just a few from this poem – view Night Sky’s Star in its entirety here:


For more photos by Cadence, please visit the Cadent Images section of Cadent Words:

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POEM : stars

WORD : tenebrific

THEME : somberness

DRAWING : tenebrous toes

PHOTO : night sky’s star

COLOUR : sable

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