PHOTO : sky light

photo by cadence

Selected for its spotlight shining on the endless colour of the sky, this photo was originally designed to accompany a poem titled Landscape of Love.


This month’s featured highlights of imagination and creativity led to a series of cartoon-like imageries, and although this section is meant to focus on photography, I couldn’t help but create a new cartoon character!


The Sky Light photo went through minor colour adjustments before being cropped. Along with notes on how the poem was created, the simple process it went through is outlined in Becoming a Poem : 22 for you. Links to read more about this are included below – but first, let’s get back to photography!

More Sky Light photos by Cadence

To read the introduction to Becoming a Poem and to view how this month’s featured photo went through a Landscape of Love to become a Sky Light, please select from these tabs:

About Becoming a Poem

About Landscape of Love

MAY 2020

WORD : imagination

THEME : creativity

IMAGE : imago

PHOTO : sky light

COLOUR : sky

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