PHOTO : winter blooms

Christmas Star : photo by Cadence

December’s featured photo might not incapsulate the wintry theme and snowy word featured in December’s highlights, however, residing in an area where the climate rarely allows for snow to fall and cover the ground, I gather snowflakes elsewhere.

The featured photo of a white hellebore covered in glittering raindrops, it never fails to light up, not only on Christmas Day, but throughout most of the winter season.

From white speckled sprigs of heather to lingering snowdrifts of candytuft, white primulas and white pansies sprinkle the ground like snowflakes in a mild winter climate. Lighting up a tree with white lights and adorning it with snowberry clippings also brightens up winter days. While surrounding it with jolly upright cyclamen gives the impression of a fresh snow blanket below it.

A mild winter climate might not bring snow, but white blooms can certainly bring light and joy into what could otherwise be dreary days. I have even seen allysum bloom right through December. Not only does this delicate flower remind me of winter throughout the warmest months of the year, but it also reminds me of my mother. One of her favourites, she planted these in her garden not only for its bright and profuse blooms, but also for the sweet fragrance each blossom exudes.

Image by Cadence : WordPics

Sit back by the fireside or wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket while swooshing and sliding through the features highlighting wintertime:

POEM : snowflakes

WORD : snow

THEME : wintertime

DRAWING : snowflake kisses

PHOTO : winter blooms

COLOUR : wintry

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