POEM : paroxysmal delight

there are no words to describe
the absolute bliss
the sense of completeness
when every particle within
in and all around me
and then subside

exhilarated excitement
uncontrolled release
ebullient delight
white noise silence

I am water reaching shore
I surge and crest and crash and roar
every particle within
bursts and explodes
fizzes and foams
blended with the air
I am vaporized
with you by my side

Paroxysm might seem like an extreme word to associate with sensualism, but when matched with delight and combined with metaphors akin to the ocean’s roar, it’s certain to find a sweet spot on my list of sensual words.

Recently condensed to focus on the core of this poem and the delightful release of neuromuscular tension, this is just one of a series of poems included in a collection titled Ocean Air.

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