POEM : snowflakes

Image by Cadence : WordPics


snowflakes just like neurons
complete and unique

snowflakes just like neurons
fall from above
floating freely
until they touch the ground

snoflakes just like neurons
join together
form a mass
of what they’re all made of

Snowflakes just like neurons
melt away
with the sun
until a new season

Snowflakes just like neurons
inticate and delicate
complex and complete
undeniable unique

A poem written in November 2016 and recently categorized in the Naturism category of Cadent Poems, Snowflakes also joined other snow-related poems to form a small winter collection titled 12 Snowy Days.

To view this intricate and delicate snowy collection in its entirety, please visit the Collections section of Cadent Poems, or tap on the snowflake to be swooshed into 12 Snowy Days:

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Throughout 2020, the features & highlights at Cadent Words presented themes while introducing a new category with each issue. A place where poems are grouped and listed, these categories are also known as isms.

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POEM : snowflakes

WORD : snow

THEME : wintertime

DRAWING : snowflake kisses

PHOTO : winter blooms

COLOUR : wintry

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