POEM : stars

you shine so bright
up in the sky
with everyone you love
but I seem to forever be
always stuck in mud

Although stars tend to sparkle and offer glimmers of hope, the opening of this poem wraps up with a rather murky line – which is exactly why I selected it to highlight the theme of somberness.

Made up of seven stanzas, the poem also refers to this star as being a black hole tornado anchored to the bottom of the ocean floor. But no matter how gloomy this may all seem, there is a glimmer of hope for this somber star.

One of a collection of poems included in Becoming a Poem : 22 for you, view Stars in its entirety here:


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POEM : stars

WORD : tenebrific

THEME : somberness

DRAWING : tenebrous toes

PHOTO : night sky’s star

COLOUR : sable

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