Sea Sky Star

Author : Cadence Beret

A star in the sky
A star in the sea
You’re everything in-between
     and so much more to me

But in reality
     you don’t float way up in the sky
     nor do you swim in the sea
     you live in-between
     like every other
     mere human being
But your reality
     is that you’ve been through
     so much more than many
     could ever bear to carry
     and so much sooner
     than anyone ever should

And so like many do
A precious layer
You have built
     just like a star in the sea
A calciferous layer
Protects your softer side
The side that shines the brightest
     like all stars in the sky

You’re more than a mere reflection
Of the sky above and the sea below
You’re everything in-between
     and so much more to me

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