September 2020

September 2020 introduces a new category to Cadent Poems – the dark and dreary musings of Somberism.

As dismal as this may seem, there’s sure to be glimmers of hope every now and then, so be sure to catch up on Cadence’s somber words by starting with this note:

A note from Cadence:

September is here to remind us that summer is over, and although some might think I slept through the summer, I was actually quite busy setting up new pages for the Cadent Words website.

Starting the year with six categories in mind to introduce poems I’ve written over the years, I hesitated to broach the topic of somberness. But what would poetry, songs, and stories be without the deep and dark emotions that come with such things as melancholy, fear, rage, and grief?

As always, while pondering on a theme, several songs flowed through my head. One that resonated quite frequently is a somber tune by Green Day – Wake me Up When September Ends touches on loss, pain, and things that never last – but what a great song it is!

Then, of course, there was Annie Lennox chanting Here Comes the Rain Again. Singing and dancing to the tragedy of longings while being torn apart might be thought of as foreboding, but isn’t there such a wonderful release when acknowledging and expressing such gloomy spirits?

While the ghosts and ghouls that come with Halloween might have presented a better time to introduce somberness, I have another theme in mind for October. Until then, be sure to visit September’s somber features and highlights to be uplifted by doleful thoughts, words, and poems too!

Cadence B.

Catch all features highlighting the theme of somberness – there’s a tenebrific word, a tenebrous drawing, and many more dark matters to peruse through!

POEM : stars

WORD : tenebrific

THEME : somberness

DRAWING : tenebrous toes

PHOTO : night sky’s star

COLOUR : sable

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