Snowflake Kisses : Verse 22

Today’s Snowflake Kisses’ writing assignment is going to be short and sweet!

No sooner than you know it, it will be over!

There you go – done! The word “soon” from today’s verse 22, with an added “er” completes my self-assigned writing task once more!

Now I can get to my Snowflake Kiss drink! Not literally of course. I won’t be drinking it as I write this, I’ll simply share with you this very simple, rather traditional, and likely already been done before drink recipe. But please remember this:

I am not a bartender
Nor am I a mixologist
Heck! I’m not even a very good waitress!

This very simple drink
Certainly has been done before
I simply renamed it as a Snowflake Kiss!

Although some might add too much rum to my favorite festive drink, it can certainly be enjoyed without any alcohol at all. And since the Snowflake Kisses poem is almost done, please don’t drink too much rum or you might miss the last two lines!

Only 3 sleeps to go until Christmas.
Only 2 verses left until the end of Snowflake Kisses.

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Snowflake Kisses : Verse 21

Well, it seems to be a certainty – snowflakes will not be falling this Christmas for me. The frightful weather is dreadful! Wet, rainy, windy and dreary, but thankfully it’s not freezing!

My Christmas decorations however, are filled with snowflake kisses.

An acquaintance from many years ago was kind enough to let me stay at his home while he’s away this year. A wonderful location, however rainy it might be, I’m very grateful to be accommodated while I pursue this new creative writing career.

A month or so ago, thinking it would be a nice gift for my friend to return to, I purchased a small pine tree. With Christmas closing in, I thought it should be displayed prominently, so I perched it up on the stump of a log which I surrounded with white flowers to hide the pot it still sits in.

This is an outdoor tree of course, and I’ve yet to decorate the small artificial tree I have for the living room. But this little live outdoor tree, could very well suffice as my Christmas decoration for this year.

A few weeks ago, I added a string of white lights to brighten up the darker days and early nights. The white blooming pansies and hellebores, at times covered in raindrops, capture every flicker of light, just like a blanket of snow would. And the clippings of snowberries sprinkled on its nettles, are like snowflakes on its evergreen branches.

It’s really a very lovely little tree. And even though my friend isn’t much of a gardener, I hope he’ll enjoy it for many years – whether it be decorated or not, and whether or not it snows.

Oh how easily I get carried away! Enough about my Christmas decorations! It’s time for me to get to CadentWords’ creative writing assignment!

Here’s my sentence of the day, from today’s Snowflake Kisses – Verse 21:

“No matter how quickly Christmas comes and goes, preparing and setting-up decorations always conjures up wonderful memories.”

That’s why I decorated this year, and that’s why I decorate every year. Because even though I’m not hosting, and even though I won’t be near family and friends, the joy of creating new visual images, positively stimulates my senses.

And every morning, when I pull back the drapes, there’s a snowflake-kissed, cheerful little pine tree to greet me. Often surrounded by chirping little birds, it’s a great way to start what often could be a rather dreary day.

Although I know what tomorrow’s verse is, I’ve yet to pick a word and I’ve yet to think up a new sentence.

But I do know this: I can’t wait to share another Christmas favorite! It’s a festive Christmas drink that tastes just like a snowflake kiss!

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