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If I were a busker
Would you drop me a quarter
Or a dollar or two
In my cap as it sat
Next to me on the street?

Creative writing is an art form sometimes expressed by individuals who prefer to not perform in public, but the art itself is just as worthy as a performing singer, dancer, or actor.

Although I previously applied the word “donations” to encourage contributions, I prefer to think of the time and effort I apply to writing, and towards the development of the Cadent Words website, as employment. Albeit self-created and self-applied employment, I have and continue to work every day at earning a living with the pieces I’ve written.

I chose to set-up payment options with the Simple Payments Block available through WordPress – the website development host I recently subscribed to.

Payment options at Cadent Words are set in Canadian five-dollar increments. I opted to apply CAD$ because I live and work in Canada, and I chose $5 increments as the minimum dollar amount to ensure that on-line processing and transaction fees were met while allowing a minimal amount to be allotted directly to the author and website developer.

A little bit more about Cadent Words:

All content written, designed, and developed at Cadent Words, is produced by one individual – myself. Albeit conscientiously opting to apply a pen name rather than my personal name to a public domain, Cadence Beret is the sole employer and employee of Cadent Words and all the material produced and published is entirely created by the aforementioned individual – myself (unless otherwise clearly noted or specified).

Lastly, I want to specify that even though I have yet to incur the fees or go through the processes required to register Cadent Words as a business or corporation, I consider and declare the amounts received through Cadent Words as “income” that is generated and applied towards the fees required to maintain the website while also submitting a percentage as “wages” to myself as it is the only form of earnings received from the work I apply myself to daily.

If you have yet to view the website or read any content, please visit A website that is still very much in its development phase, I appreciate the viewers’ patience while I continue to strive towards developing a streamlined site allowing ease of access to creative content while offering visually appealing graphics to the written material.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Cadent Words, Cadence Beret, and more importantly, for showing an interest in the work that is dedicated to the art of creative writing.

Contributions are optional, but very welcome and greatly appreciated.

Payment Option:

If you enjoyed the material posted at Cadent Words, if it entertained you, momentarily distracted you from a busy day, if it emotionally moved you in some way, or if it prompted you to think about something new, please consider contributing by completing the simple payment option available here:

Cadent Words

Thank you for contributing to Cadent Words : A website dedicated to the art of creative writing, your money (after transaction fees are incurred) is applied to the development, design and maintenance of this website, as well as the ongoing development of written content and artwork created by the author who - for the purpose of this website - goes by the pseudonym Cadence Beret.


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Cadent Colours : Mauve Poem – 2

Mauveine’s Eye

I gently slide and glide
Like a breeze that’s passing by

I fervidly swirl and sway
Like a windy day

I violently push and churn
Like a hurricane

I am mellow mauve
And deeply moody purple

Decadently feminine
Dreamy and sweet
When surrounded with love
Well-protected and respected

But the tempest in me
Is clearly felt and seen
When provoked incessantly
Eroding trust from me

Why provoke such a cyclone
When so easily I can be
Subdued into sweet and dreamy

Please let me be mellow mauve
And deeply moody purple
It’s the fabric I’m made of
Just like the air I breathe

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There’s more to January’s Cadent Colour mauve than Mauveine’s Eye poem.

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Cadent Colours : Mauve – 2

After reading and learning more about the colour mauve – the background colour theme for January’s poems – I realized how it couldn’t have been a better choice!

What stood out for me, out of the information I gathered, is how the colour mauve was first discovered and how it led to the Mauve Decade.

Of course, by discovered I mean formulated and produced. Obviously, the colour mauve already existed in certain flower blooms, such as the mallow, and it certainly had been seen in a sunset here and there.

However, when William Henry Perkin set out to find a cure for malaria, he stumbled upon an intense purple colour while cleaning up after the unsuccessful results of his experimental work. This is when he discovered what came to be the world’s first synthetic dye. What once was a colour reserved for royalty became a mass market sensation, and by 1890 – everyone was dressed in mauve!

Other interesting notes I picked up here and there regarding the colour mauve is how it is associated with decadence, youth, and femininity. It supposedly evokes feelings of purity and devotion with the moodiness of a deeper purple, not to mention how some historians have credited it to be the colour that changed the world.

The emotional being that I am, after learning all this, my thoughts gravitated to the words femininity, devotion, purity, moodiness – and I was inspired to write this new poem titled Mauvine’s Eye.

People who choose mauve as their favorite colour are said to be hopeless romantics, often categorized for being too dreamy or having a childlike sense of wonder. This, at times, is quite fitting for me, but the reason I chose the colour mauve for January was for its neutral grayish tint as well as for its soothing yet opulent pale purple tones.

That’s it for this month’s Cadent Colour choice. February will not only bring a new colour but it will also introduce a new theme for Cadent Poems.

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Cadent Colours : Mauve Poem – 1

Miss Mallow

Miss Mallow is misty mauve
She no longer glows
Like the amethyst I know
      as hardy as she may be
      years of loss and sorrow
      covers the delicacy
      of her dainty petals
A mauve veil
Like a shield
Protects her heart and soul
      shrouding the beauty
      she is meant to be
      torn away from her
      by too many
Miss Mallow’s mauve petals
Still bloom occasionally
But so carefully
      when the breeze gently flows
      when the daylight’s sun glows
      gently and carefully
      she dances happily
A mauve revealed
So sheer just like the breeze
Moving her tenderly

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There’s more to the colour mauve than Miss Mallow‘s poem.

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Cadent Colours : Mauve – 1

My colour choice for January – mauve – came about somewhat haphazardly.

I wanted to add colour to the white background and gray lines of the drawing I decided to include with January’s poems, and I also wanted a neutral and cool colour to reflect the stillness of wintertime.

The colour blue initially came to mind, but having already applied it to December themes, I moved on to purple, which I found to be a bit too bright. After several searches through saved colour palettes, there it was, a soft and calming purple called mauve.

It wasn’t until last week that I looked into this colour to discover the meaning and history behind it. I started my search with none other than my trusted and reliable friend, Merriam Webster. Yep, call me a word nerd, I always start with the dictionary!

I have to admit, there wasn’t much in Merriam’s two definitions for me to get excited about. But I persisted until I reached the history and etymology of mauve, and there it was – the word mallow. A lovely mauve flower which led me to write a poem about Miss Mallow.

There’s more to the colour mauve than Miss Mallow’s poem. Keep reading for a brief mauve history and another mauve poem.

click here for the second segment of January’s Cadent Colour.

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