Cadent Poems : April

Catch up on Cadence’s cadent words and this month’s cadent features!

There’s a new word to ponder, a theme to inspire, an image to view, a colour to draw from … Oh! And there’s a cadent poem too!

Cadent Poems : April

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Cadent Words by Cadence Beret

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Cadent Colour : Sage

At Cadent Words, every month features a new word, a new theme, new images, and a new colour scheme to accompany new poems and words!

Although it feels as though my viridescent wings at website development have been severely chopped off due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions, I continue to attempt to maintain some sort of upkeep to this very dear and meaningful project of mine.

Luckily, March was the first time that I managed to enter the monthly topic pages at the very beginning of the month.

Even though some might argue that March’s sage colour contradicts this month’s viridescent word, be sure to read through Cadent Words’ March pages for an alternate point of view:

Viridescent Cadence

If you hadn’t noticed yet, my very reliable pal, Merriam Webster seems to be in cahoots with my viridescent March theme!

I love it when things coincidentally work out like this!

Check out MW’s Word of the Day and write a new sentence, poem or story with it:


And don’t miss out on MW’s viridescent weekly challenge too!

Word Games and Quizzes

Catch up on Cadence’s Cadent Words by visiting these viridescent March pages:

Cadent Poems : March

Take a peek at what’s coming up this month at Cadent Words – there’s a fresh nature theme, a verdant new word, and a wise green colour to accompany an array of new poems!

click here to visit Cadent Words’ March page and to view more Viridescence

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