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Cadent Pause

It is with tremendous sadness that I announce a temporary pause to any updates or new content added to the Cadent Words website.

Having no internet access in the temporary accomodation where I have been graciously given access to through the coldest winter months, I cannot work from home.

Furthermore, the recent closures due to the health crisis going on in Canada, all municipal libraries, where computer access is available to the general public, are indefinitely closed, therefore, I don’t have an office to work from.

I suppose I could look at this as VACATION TIME! Unfortunately, with little to no funds accumulated over the five months where I’ve dedicated every day to the ongoing development of this very dear project of mine, I can’t afford to go anywhere or do anything.

So my vacation time will be spent exercising and visiting local parks and beaches while shifting my focus to drawing and writing again. Yippee!

Be sure to visit Cadent Words – even though there’s still alot of room for improvement, there’s plenty of content to read through and with the recent addition of CadentArt and CadentImages, there’s plenty of images and WordPics to look through!