Cadent Photo : Delightfully Blissed

to be aglow with you
in all of nature’s truth
is pure heavenly bliss
like our very first kiss

Selecting images to highlight the features of sensualism might seem like a simple task, but choosing to tickle the mind without resorting to the human body’s sensual and sexual attributes poses certain challenges.

Opting to focus on nature’s truth rather than epicurean delights, this photo was a perfect match for a natural inclination towards simple pleasures.

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Catastrophic Cadence

Searching for somber words to maintain the candlelit cadence I embarked on, this word game called alliteration is proving to be quite a challenge!

Oddly enough, I’ve not creatively come up with many c-words to match these cadent headings. Of course, there are soft c’s and several “ch-sh” c’s, but matching a hard c with somber words hasn’t come that easily.

Leaning heavily on the word charcoal for today’s alliterating headline, I settled for catastrophic.

That in itself could very well be catastrophic considering there is absolutely nothing settling about anything catastrophic!

But I have to emphasize, focussing on horrendous topics while trying to make light of it, by no means is meant to downplay the reality of somber things. But at the same time – I refuse to let somberness bring me down.

Catch the shining light of this charcoal sky in the somber feature highlighted here:

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Cryptic Cadence

What to do on a wretched rainy Wednesday while working on a theme called somberism?

Tackle a walk through a cemetery of course!

Dressed in black from head to toe – black nike cap, black rain jacket, black leggings, and yes, black rainboots and umbrella too – passersby might’ve thought I was going to a funeral. But it so happens to be one of my favourite colours.

Blacks, greys, tans, browns – these are staples of my wardrobe. Thought of by some as boring and gloomy, I like to think of them as fashionable and classy. But I have to admit, I do prefer clear and bright sunny days rather than dark murky wet ones. Afterall, if liquid sunshine didn’t pour down as often as it does, things wouldn’t be as virbrantly green as they are.

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Fuliginous Friday

Another week comes to and end, and there is no line on the horizon.

“No Line on the Horizon” – a line borrowed from U2, you might also feel fuliginous on this Friday if you’ve been smothered in fog all week.

I refer to it as fog, but it has been reported as smoke from fires. Luckily, not too close to where I am.

Nevertheless, whether it be fog or smoke, I quite like the view when looking out on the water and the line delineating the ocean from the sky can’t be seen.

Not to make light of the somber circumstances many people are facing, but I do try to stay positive, no matter how dreich and dreary a situation might be.

Working on new features and highlights while focussing on a new theme – I sunk into somberness tenebrifically this week, and I think it’s time for me to take a serious dance break to U2’s No Line on the Horizon.

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POEM : stars

WORD : tenebrific

THEME : somberness

DRAWING : tenebrous toes

PHOTO : night sky’s star

COLOUR : sable

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Cadent Photo : Sunglow Star

photo by cadence

At Cadent Words, this month’s features and highlights revolve around truth and reality – and as surreal as this photo might seem, it’s actually truly real.

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PHOTO : sunglow star

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Cadent Photo : Sky Light

photo by cadence

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one’s a sneaky one!

Selected for its spotlight shining on the endless colour of the sky, this photo was originally designed to accompany a poem titled Landscape of Love and recently inspired the creation of a Bright Mud Light cartoon character.

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PHOTO : sky light

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Cadent Photo : Slated Sunset

photo by calla

Although facing further limitations due to restrictions brought on by Covid-19, I’m super excited to add a new feature to Cadent Words’ monthly highlights!

Every month, in addition to the current pages that have been featured, a new page will be added to highlight a photograph to accompany a selected poem.

With the intention to open this up for general submissions, for now, due to limited resources and time constraints, I’m resorting to my own photos, but I’m glad to introduce the very first contributor to kick off this new feature.

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PHOTO : slated sunset

Catch up on April’s featured poem and much more! There’s a new word, a new theme, a new image, and a new colour to inspire creative thoughts to draw from, write from, or shoot photos from!

Cadent Words : April

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Cadent Poems : April

photo by calla

Two sunsets

One translucent moon

Every colour of the spectrum

Can be seen tonight

Monet’s song is brushed upon

A silent horizon

The photo included with this month’s featured poem – a spectacular sunset with wave-like slate-coloured clouds – is a very close rendition of the drawing I created as an attempt to portray the words applied to the poem titled Monet’s Song.

Catch up on April’s featured poem and much more! There’s a new word, a new theme, a new image, and a new colour to inspire creative thoughts to draw from, write from, or shoot photos from!

Cadent Poems : April

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