OceanAir : Dispersion


How amazing to see
You transform thee
From mist to fog
From raindrops to snowflakes
Only to seemingly

Dispersion, one of a compilation of poems inspired by the ocean and the air that surrounds us, has more to it than these six lines.

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Cadent Poems

Due to severe restrictions brought on by COVID-19, the compilation of poems titled Family Garden, which was intended to be shared along with March’s nature theme, has been postponed.

POSTPONED until further notice

Thankfully, many individuals have the required and necessary equipment and connections in place to allow them to work from home to further develop and maintain online websites. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for CadentWords’ sole proprietor, developer, and creative writer.

Without an internet connection or a computer, it is impossible to adequately add new material or to enhance the current pages that are currently in place. But  however restricted I may be, I continue to attempt to share some content whenever I can connect to the very limited wifi services that remain available to me.

In the next few days, I will attempt to showcase several pages that were originally previewed when I first launched the website CadentWords: A compilation titled OceanAir, take a glimpse at one of the 20+ poems inspired by the ocean, ranging in themes from romanticism, to naturism, and phantasism.

Originally titled Eternal Ecstasy – only the title to this poem was modified to blend in with March’s viridescent influence.

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CadentWords & CadentPoems by Cadence Beret

Cadent Images

Whether it be words, images, poems or tales, everything is always very cadent at Cadent Words.

The drawing featured for March is one I originally titled Calla and has temporarily been re-titled Viridescently to fit with this month’s viridescent nature theme.

Catch up on all things viridescent by visiting Cadent Words’ March pages.

Cadent Pause

It is with tremendous sadness that I announce a temporary pause to any updates or new content added to the Cadent Words website.

Having no internet access in the temporary accomodation where I have been graciously given access to through the coldest winter months, I cannot work from home.

Furthermore, the recent closures due to the health crisis going on in Canada, all municipal libraries, where computer access is available to the general public, are indefinitely closed, therefore, I don’t have an office to work from.

I suppose I could look at this as VACATION TIME! Unfortunately, with little to no funds accumulated over the five months where I’ve dedicated every day to the ongoing development of this very dear project of mine, I can’t afford to go anywhere or do anything.

So my vacation time will be spent exercising and visiting local parks and beaches while shifting my focus to drawing and writing again. Yippee!

Be sure to visit Cadent Words – even though there’s still alot of room for improvement, there’s plenty of content to read through and with the recent addition of CadentArt and CadentImages, there’s plenty of images and WordPics to look through!

Cadent Poems : March

Take a peek at what’s coming up this month at Cadent Words – there’s a fresh nature theme, a verdant new word, and a wise green colour to accompany an array of new poems!

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Cadent Probation

For readers following Cadent Words, as of next week, you’ll notice a cadent decline from the daily posts I dedicated myself to publish for the past three months.

As disappointing as this might be for some, for others (like myself) this calls for a celebration!

You see, as though I had subjected myself to a 3-month probation period from self-employment to Cadent Words, I once again surpassed another goal set-out for myself.

Not only have I been writing every day, but I also dabbed into testing my amateur design skills by developing colour palettes, various inserts, creating a logo, and I’m currently in the process of updating my signature branding crest (also known as an avatar or gravatar).

Writing daily posts as a means to write something (or anything) every day while committing to scheduled posts certainly confirmed my ability to stick to a task no matter how frivolous, meaningless or grueling and demanding it might be.

I’ll certainly post something again in the near future, but the next few months will lead me into certain directions that will hinder my ability to commit to the daily demands the last few months have.

Ongoing development of the Cadent Words website will continue, and this month’s nature theme will introduce a variety of poems stemming from various topics. These, combined with my Family Garden, should make for a refreshing and rejuvenating jump-start to the spring season!

Thank you to everyone who, for the past few months, took a moment out of their day to peruse through Cadent Words from Cadence Beret.

To view the material accumulated over a 3-month cadent probation, please visit Cadent Words or select from the following tabs:


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