Thanksgiving Weekend

Colder weather and autumn colours arrive earlier for some of us, and so does Thanksgiving.

Our neighbours south of the border may have to wait until November, but after a sunny summer season, this weekend brings a holiday where most Canadians celebrate indoors rather than out in the great outdoors.

Although I’m not planning a Thanksgiving celebration this year, I am thankful to have an indoor space to keep me dry and warm – just like Gordy the mouse does, I’m sure.

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Catapulting Cadence

I have to agree that catapulting isn’t a very somber word, but if you imagine a massive boulder catapulting your way, it very well could be.

Wrapping up the week after being catapulted into somberness, I’m reminded of a favourite childhood cartoon – the Bugs Bunny Road Runner show.

This unlikely duo often faced some rather horrifically somber momments and somehow always managed to pull through. Even the coyote, when squashed under a rock, would bounce back with stars and swirls all around.

Cartoons, as silly as it may seem, is often a go-to when I’m feeling blue. Not necessarily watching them, but imagining myself as one – which at times can be very amusing and entertaining.

Starting this series of somber updates with a fuliginous Friday and finishing it with a forlorn one, I’m catapulting myself into a wickidly wonderful weekend with these 3 favourite somber words:

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Forlorn Friday?

Another week comes to an end, and although it isn’t a fuliginous Friday, it could very well be a forlorn one.

Selecting a colour scheme to highlight a somber theme, I considered deep reds and heavy purples, but settled on greys and browns.

The lightest of this sable colour palette and matching poem clip also contains one of my new favourite somber words – lubugrious.

Slightly saddened at the thought that I will soon be focussing on another theme, as dreich and dreary as this might seem, when it comes to creative writing and poetry, somberness continues to be one of my favourite themes.

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Catastrophic Cadence

Searching for somber words to maintain the candlelit cadence I embarked on, this word game called alliteration is proving to be quite a challenge!

Oddly enough, I’ve not creatively come up with many c-words to match these cadent headings. Of course, there are soft c’s and several “ch-sh” c’s, but matching a hard c with somber words hasn’t come that easily.

Leaning heavily on the word charcoal for today’s alliterating headline, I settled for catastrophic.

That in itself could very well be catastrophic considering there is absolutely nothing settling about anything catastrophic!

But I have to emphasize, focussing on horrendous topics while trying to make light of it, by no means is meant to downplay the reality of somber things. But at the same time – I refuse to let somberness bring me down.

Catch the shining light of this charcoal sky in the somber feature highlighted here:

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Thunderous Thursday

Nearing the end of the week while still focussing on the theme of somberness, I was led to look for words describing sounds that incite fear, worry, or sorrow.

The low muffled sound of a foghorn is one that leads me to picture a doleful person wandering through heavy fog, while a shrill piercing cry indicates terror or danger.

Digging myself deeper and deeper into this murky somber theme, I was reminded of my tenebrous toes and how they often pull me through difficult, dull, or dreadful times.

Be sure to view the featured drawing highlighting this somber theme – it just might dig you out of these somber woes:

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Cryptic Cadence

What to do on a wretched rainy Wednesday while working on a theme called somberism?

Tackle a walk through a cemetery of course!

Dressed in black from head to toe – black nike cap, black rain jacket, black leggings, and yes, black rainboots and umbrella too – passersby might’ve thought I was going to a funeral. But it so happens to be one of my favourite colours.

Blacks, greys, tans, browns – these are staples of my wardrobe. Thought of by some as boring and gloomy, I like to think of them as fashionable and classy. But I have to admit, I do prefer clear and bright sunny days rather than dark murky wet ones. Afterall, if liquid sunshine didn’t pour down as often as it does, things wouldn’t be as virbrantly green as they are.

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Wretched Wednesday

A turbulent storm may not have fallen as forecasted, but wet weather is here and likely to stay until the end of the week.

Wandering through the rain while thinking of what to write today, the word wretched was impossible to pass up.

A perfect day to focus on the somber theme featured this month, somberism, as gloomy and depressing as it might be, is one of my favourite categories.

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Clunkering Cadence

Starting my day at 3am is a great way to make a day last forever.

After writing and researching words for a couple of hours, I tucked myself back into bed for a couple more. By the time I got out the door for a refreshing morning walk, construction along the seawall had already begun.

Adept at ignoring unpleasant things, I blocked it out and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Once I reached the top of the small incline indicating my turnaround, I paused for a stretch directly above the magnanimous mechanical equipment pounding the pavement and excavating the ground, which led me to recall a piece I wrote several years ago:

Now back into my comfortable abode, I can still hear the sounds of construction, but I realize that it’s temporary – just like everything else is.

Thinking back, I’m reminded of how I came up with the title for this poem by starting off with the word veracity while thinking of a hammer. Of course, Peter Gabriel tuned into my head with his Sledgehammer, which asserted my choice to go with a Veracious Sledgehammer.

One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, it was decades ago when my brother, sister and I sang and danced from the top of our benches. Together, I’m quite certain we were louder than this morning’s construction sounds.

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Turbulent Tuesday

Summer is over and fall is here to announce its arrival with a weather warning. Heavy rain and blustery winds are certainly excellent ingredients for a turbulent storm, and even though the day started rather calm and clear, I thought it an excellent word to tack on to this Tuesday.

Thumbing through the dictionary while exploring somber themes dredges up a slew of fascinating words. Fuliginous, another all-time favourite of mine, can easily be an evil comrade to turbulence when staging a violent scene.

Both excellent words to describe things somber, as terrific as they may be, the new word to top my tempestuous list is the word tenebrific.

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Muddy Monday

Muddy thoughts and muddy feelings may very well apply to the somber theme I embarked on, but the upside is, the trail I walked along this morning wasn’t muddy at all.

Clear skies lined with puffy white clouds, fresh air, not a hint of haze anywhere along the horizon – what more could a girl ask for after two weeks of musty misty foggy smoke?

As obvious as it may seem that a mudless path was the deciding factor for today’s somber muddy word, the less obvious reason has to do with the poem featured to highlight the theme of somberness.


you shine so bright
up in the sky
with everyone you love
but I seem to forever be
always stuck in mud

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