Snowflake Tales

Caught up in clouds way up in the sky, suddenly, on a given day it is released and it falls. Touched by cold air and pulled by gravity, it tumbles down so gently and delicately. Slowly it parachutes silently, until caught by a tree, a rooftop, or the ground.

There it resides while the weather is cold, until it melts, or until it is carried away by rainfall. Where it goes from there of course, has been studied and discovered by many, but that’s not the point of this snowflake’s story.

My Snowflake Tale

Sparkly snowflakes can be seen
Through every cloudy season
Whenever fog rolls in
And when walking through mist

When the weather is cold enough
To turn dew into frost
An image of what once was
As in an instant snap shot
Once again they can be seen
Through frost on the ground
On rooftops trees and leaves

So if Christmas comes and goes
Without you near or here
Or without a single snowflake
To tumble out of clouds
I will see them wherever
My mind pleases to
In frost fog mist and dew

So please don’t fret or fear
If you can’t be near
Sparkly snowflakes I will see
This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

But please remember this:
Every day is much more dear
When you are here and near

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 25

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Part 15 : SnowPuckLove

“Sweet Snowflake Sally
Are you still with me?”
Pete Puck somewhat distraught
Feared Sally melted off
In little Johnny’s glove

The puck now in Luke’s hand, Johnny brushed the snow off his gloves. All covered in snow after piling one snowball on top of another, the snowman was just about done. Everyone tapped and brushed the snow from their jackets and pants, filling the air with a drum-like cadence.

“Sally sweet Snowflake Sally
Are you still here?
Or are you in the snow
Way out there in the field?”

“I have a great idea to dress up our snowman.” Luke said to the kids, “Johnny, could you get my hockey glove? It’s in my duffel bag by the ice rink.”

Without hesitation, Johnny ran off and all the other kids chased after him.

“I’ll get it!”

“No I wanna get it!”

Kids shouted one after the other as they rushed to the side of the ice rink, but Johnny got there first and just as quickly ran back with Luke’s hockey glove in hand.

“Oh Snowflake Sally
If you’re no longer here
Please be out in the field
And not melted into tears”

Saddened and distraught
Poor Peter Puck
Had fallen in love
With this snowflake sweetheart

Luke took his hockey glove and nestled it in the crook of the snowman’s neck.

“There you go!” He shouted proudly, “Let me introduce … our new hockey mascot!”

Only a single tear
Would Peter Puck shed
No longer stuck with Sally
But a snowman instead

Then tingle trickle twinkle
His tear turned to frost
And another tingle twinkle
The snowman chuckled

“Oh Peter Puck
I must’ve dozed off
Where are we now
Off the ground up in a loft?”

The kids cheered and the players agreed. Luke’s lucky puck would not go missing again for this hockey season. In the hockey glove, close to the snowman’s heart, it would preside over the ice rink and their games.

Needless to say
Peter Puck’s dismay
Quickly turned into sheer
Gleeful merriment and cheer

“Sally! Snowflake Sally!
You’re still here!”
“Of course sweet Pete
I said I’d never leave”

Then a tingle trickle twinkle
The glove must’ve sparkled
When they both puckered up
For a Snowflake Puck kiss
Close to the snowman’s heart!

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This is the end of Snowflake’s Hockey Tale. Thank you for reading this story and even if snowflakes do not fall where you are, may your days be filled with snowflake kisses.

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Snowfalke’s Hockey Tale

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 24

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Part 14 : SnowPuck

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

Everyone once again
Gathered in the field
Where Sally and Pete
Are surrounded with friends

Cindy Carlie Luke and Kris
And many many more
Are rolling snowflakes
Into great big snowballs

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

“Cindy! Cindy! Look what I found!” Her friend Johnny screeched with excitement as he ran towards her.

“Luke! Look! Johnny found your puck!” Cindy, just as thrilled, shouted out and ran alongside Johnny.

“Should I take it to the ice rink for the hockey practice?” Johnny asked Luke, still holding the puck in his gloved hand.

“You know, I think I have other plans for this puck.” Cindy and her friends all looked at Luke curiously as Johnny handed him the puck.

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

Big kids and little kids
Skating on the rink
Swishing and sliding
Pucks with hockey sticks

Paul and Patrick
Pierce and Pierre Puck
There’s even a Pauline
And Penelope Puck!

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

What is Luke going to do with Pete Puck?

Where is Snowflake Sally? Is she still stuck on Pete Puck or is she now stuck in Johnny’s glove?!

Find out where Pete and Sally end up in tomorrow’s final Snowflake Tale post!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 23

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Part 13 : SnowDay!

Snowflakes fell through the night
Covering everything in white
Dustings of fluffy sparkly
Snow so bright

School’s out for Christmas break
All kids are out to play
Snow sleds sliding
Snow shoes shuffling
Snow angels gliding
Hip-hip hooray
Hooray for snow day!

Peter Puck and Snowflake Sally
Are cozy and happy
Surrounded by new friends
Gathering visiting
Chit-chatting laughing
A fun-time is had by all
When snowflakes fall!

Snowflakes keep coming
While everyone plays
Falling out from clouds
Until they touch the ground

Steve and Sammy
All joined Peter Puck
And Snowflake Sally

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Snowflake Tale – there’s only two more to go!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 22

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Part 12 : SideLined

“Hey! Come on! There’s no way that’s a penalty!”

Frustrated and disappointed, Luke shook his head as he took to the bench. His lucky puck, slapped hard and fast by the tip of his hockey stick, flew far past the ice and into the snowy field.

“Don’t worry Luke, Tucker and I will find your puck.” Cindy kindly said as she gently tapped his padded shoulder.

Warmed by her sweet innocence and kindness, his temper quickly simmered and dropped from a boiling point to a melting pot.

Without a black dot in sight throughout the snowy field, Cindy’s friends joined in to help with another puck search. Until, slowly but surely …

One two three four
And so many many more
Came down slowly silently
To join Pete and Sally

“Cindy! Eric! Johnny! It’s time to go!” They all dashed across the field of fresh snow without a puck in hand.

After the last snapping sound of closing doors, cars and trucks rolled away and soon the ice rink was silent. Another hockey game done, everyone headed home while snowfall persisted.

One two three four
And so many many more
Star-like snowflakes filled the air
To visit Pete and Sally

Okay, even I’m getting a little bit worried about Pete and Sally right now!

Stuck together outside in the yard was one thing, but out in the open field? Buried in the snow? They likely won’t be found until next spring!

Be sure to follow this tale – there’s more to come – all the way until Christmas Day.

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 21

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Part 11 : BumpyRide

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Are once again stuck
In the back of Luke’s truck
Thanks to Tucker the pup
Who picked them both up
And then dropped them in a wallop!

“Gosh Pete Puck
I’m sure glad you’re so tough
And can handle being tossed
And tussled all around
‘Cuz if I’d been on my own
For sure I’d be long gone!”

“Sweet Snowflake Sally
There is no other way
For a puck like me to be
I’m just glad you’re here with me
When you could so easily
Drift away from me”

Roar rattle tumble
The end of their blissful
Snowy cuddle
Was roused by the bumble
Of the engine’s rumble
As they drove off in a bungle

“Hold on tight Sally!”
Pete Puck exclaimed
“Looks like it’s time
For another hockey game!”
“Woo! Wee! Yippeee!”
Sally hollered with glee

Just like Pete and Sally
Hold on tight and patiently
Because tomorrow’s story
Will not only be snowy
And not only about hockey
But full of friends and family!

Phew! I’m sure glad Pete and Sally are sticking together and that Tucker the pup found them again!

But who will be joining them at the hockey game?

Find out tomorrow! There’s more to come of Peter Puck & Snowflake Sally’s fun Snowflake Tale!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 20

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Part 10 : RescueParty

“Yeah!” Kris belted and jumped out of his seat. Luke’s arms up in the air, hollers rang in unison as one of the teams scored.

Kris and Luke both looked forward to their Saturday hockey game, and they considered Friday night’s get-together mandatory. Watching the national league wasn’t just a past-time, they figured it was part of their training schedule. So they met-up at the local pub where other team members gathered to watch the pros.

With a zero to one score, the first intermission came up at the right time to order food.

“Hey isn’t Carlie joining us?” One of the players asked.

“She’s taking Cindy and Tucker out for a play in the snow – she should be here soon.” Kris mentioned.

Beer glasses clinked and plates were soon on the tables, just in time for the second period to start.

“So what did I miss?” Carlie joined Luke and Kris, pulled up a chair and looked at the score board.

“Other than ordering dinner? Looks like only one score.” She said teasingly.

Luke waved for the waiter, and before another score for the team, Carlie’s plate was on the table.

“Hey, you won’t believe what we found!” She said cheerfully before taking a bite of food.

“Mmm, this is a good one!” Commenting quickly on the burger, she went on about the search for Luke’s lucky puck.

Kris hadn’t noticed
Luke’s lucky puck
Stuck in the back
Of his pick-up truck

But Tucker the pup
Was quick to jump up
In the back of the truck
And pull it out

Only for Pete Puck
To be dropped again
Not on the ice
But in a pile of snow

Luke certain where
He’d left it last week
Couldn’t understand
How Kris could’ve missed it

He searched hi and low
‘Cuz little did he know
Tucker had dropped it
In the snow

So when Cindy and Carlie
Heard of Luke’s distress
They recalled Tucker’s romp
And frolic in the snow

That’s when they headed out
With Tucker the pup
And found Luke’s lucky puck
Where it was last dropped

“There you go buddy!” Kris said jokingly, “You got your lucky puck back, so you better score tomorrow!”

Other team members had gathered around to listen-in. Distracted by Luke’s lucky puck search and rescue efforts, they all missed the next goal on the big screen!

But where did Carlie and Cindy leave the puck?

Did they bring it in the house where it will certainly be too warm for Sally?

Find out tomorrow if Snowflake Sally will be there for the hockey game with Peter Puck!

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