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Part 1 of 3

Although the focus of this brief 3-part segment isn’t so much on the word, but rather the theme of sensuality, it’s interesting to search through the dictionary for this word’s meaning and discover the variety of descriptions offered to it.

The three dictionaries I referred to all had different thoughts on sensuality. Merriam Webster’s sensuality defaults to the word sensual, whereas Oxford and Collins have a separate entry and definition for both sensual and sensuality. But I was slightly confused by one of the entries found in Merriam’s description of sensuality:

As a theme meant to ignite thoughts for writing, I prefer to focus on the more positive aspects and benefits of sensuality, so I perused further to deter the negative connotation that was slipped into my mind, and I was quite pleased to realize that in all three dictionaries, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.

So, having cleared up any possible misconception of where I’m going with this sensual theme, please keep in mind that I’ll refrain from dipping into x-rated material and I’ll try to keep it simple and playful while avoiding any deficiency or decay of moral, spiritual or intellectual interests!

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sensually stimulates

sensual sceneries

Part 2 of 3

Easily distracted while focussing on this theme, I’ll revert to the dictionary searches previously mentioned to highlight how sensuality as a theme will soon segue into sensualism as a category featured at Cadent Words.

Ultimately, all three dictionary’s offer different points of view to ponder:

. Merriam Webster clearly states the less positive side of sensuality, but is the only one to have an entry for sensualism.

. Oxford describes sensuality as a noun, and I certainly appreciate the mention of sexual pleasure which Merriam Webster seems to avoid.

. Collins offers a British and American English definition which varies slightly and brings up two words that might be thought of as crude, but I do enjoy how lasciviousness and lewdness rhymes with libidinous.

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simple sensuality

slightly sensual

somewhat of a sensualist

stimulating sensualism

Part 3 of 3

As a theme, sensuality is without a doubt, one of my favourite things to write about. Considering the daily grind and ups and downs we all go through, why shouldn’t we enjoy slipping and sliding through thoughts while writing about the natural pleasures that sensualism offers?

Shuffling through hundreds of the pieces I wrote and categorized as sensualism was a stimulating and interesting challenge. Realizing how many of these pieces may very well be perceived as x-rated led me to consider launching a whole other website!

However, for now, at Cadent Words, sensualism will be kept light and playful while attempting to find a balance between sensuality, sweet romance, and the occasional spicy bits of humour.

This short and sweet segment on sensuality might be done, but there are more sultry words and salacious thoughts to come.

Please view the next segment for an eternally blissed drawing and a poem leading to ecstasy:

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