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Wintertime is the coldest season of the year in the northern hemisphere. A time where parts of the world are covered in snow, where water turns to ice, and some plants and animals hibernate. While some take flight to winter in warmer climates, many humans and animals live through winters every year and enjoy its splendor.

Skiing, skating, snowshoeing – these are just a few exciting winter activities to take part in.

Snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding – there are so many snow related activities to choose from!

Building a snowman, carving snow angels, a snowball fight perhaps?

Oh, and of course, there’s also spaing – no not sparring – spaing!

After a day outside in wintertime cold and snow, who doesn’t enjoy a hot tub, foot rub, sauna and back rub? Whether shovelling the sidewalk or strolling through the fluffy white stuff known as snow, winter is a time of year when extra energy is required and exerted.

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wintertime : part 2

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Part 2 of 3

Wintertime, also known as the winter solstice, starts December 21st. The days where the sun’s rays are shifted southward from the equator, the northern hemisphere experiences colder weather until March 21st, when the revival of spring kicks in.

Wintertime where I currently reside, is considered somewhat of a middle ground. Colder weather and shorter days are a given, but unlike where I grew up, the climate isn’t cold enough for a white winter wonderland – unless you look up to the mountaintops.

Mountaintops are certainly covered with the white stuff, but sea levels seldom accommodate snowflakes for many, if any weeks. But no matter how much I enjoy the warmer climate – I’m always excited as a kid when snowflakes fall from a wintry sky.

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wintertime : part 3

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Part 3 of 3

December’s features and highlights is all about a snowy winter wonderland which inevitably links to a favourite holiday – Christmas.

Coinciding with the 2020 winter solstice, it has been reported that a once in a lifetime conjunction will occur between two planets. Jupiter and Saturn, on December 21, 2020, will be in close alignment creating a possible effect being described as the Christmas Star.

Whether or not weather permits for this marvel to be seen, there is more to read on this wintry starry wonder. Visit the Snowflake Kisses Christmas Countdown, where on December 9th, this Christmas Star was the topic:

Sit back by the fireside or wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket while swooshing and sliding through the features highlighting wintertime:

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