Tonka Toes

by Cadence Beret

I’m digging with my toes
      like a yellow Tonka hoe
Digging a hole in the sand
      with my tonka toes

Digging and thinking of
      fun-times in the sand
When I was just a kid
      and I played with my bro

      yellow Tonka trucks
      Matchbox cars
      he built and engineered
      a sandy scene
      full of streets in the city
      winding roads
      parking lots
      he even built a bridge
      he did it all in a sandbox
      with yellow Tonka trucks
      while I drove around his town
      with his Matchbox cars

I miss my little bro
      and his yellow Tonka trucks
We’re both too old to play
      in a sandbox nowadays

But I still like to recall
      those fun-times in the sandbox
Just me and my little bro
      and yellow Tonka trucks

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Copyright © Cadence Beret – all rights reserved.

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