Week 1 : Apricity's

Changing the last three lines of Apricity’s Sea, set off a flurry of thoughts about a tale that’s been meandering through my mind having to do with why the word apricity isn’t included in the dictionary.

Along with changing some lines, I changed the title to Apricity’s Shore, and somewhere in between these changes, I realized that I had come up with the ending of the tale without even getting to the middle of it!

I’ve yet to come up with any information ascertaining a valid and logical explanation for this word to have been left out. But to be quite honest, I’ve refrained from researching it in depth. I prefer to remain innocent and ignorant while I conjure this tale so as to not interrupt the train of thoughts my imagination is leading me into.

Curiosity and imagination. What a great combination of tools to conjure up a tale!

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With Valentine’s Day wrapping up the second week of February, there’s sure to be more on these love-themed poems and tales!

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