Week 2 : Apricity

When writing Kissed by Apricity five years ago, I had no idea I would be fabricating Apricity’s seaside tale today, but it certainly conjures images of what may have transpired between Harold and Apricity!

Last week at Cadent Words, February’s word of the month, apricity, led me to fabricate a tale about why the word apricity has been left out of the dictionary. The beginning of the tale makes it quite obvious. Harold and Apricity were seen together in the middle of February, which caused Harold’s beloved Marianne to assume he had betrayed her.

If today’s poem, Kissed by Apricity is any indication of what took place between Harold and Apricity, perhaps Marianne should leave him and take all the money! But what if the word apricity is taken for what it means (even though it isn’t included in the dictionary) and is replaced with:

I could not tear myself away
From the warmth of the sun

How could I leave the warmth of the sun
Warming my cheeks

The poem certainly takes on a different tone, and in my opinion, looses most of its charm. I don’t know about you, but even though apricity isn’t included in the dictionary, there’s no way I’m removing it from this poem!

I’m just glad I came across such a lovely word, and I still think it should be included in the dictionary, no matter what happens in my fabricated tale.

What happened between Harold and Apricity when they first met by the sea? Was she smitten? Was he swooned? Who swooned whom?!

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