Week 2 : Apricity

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you prepared to be swooned? Or will you be doing the swooning?

Whether there’s any swooning to be had or not – swoon, swooned, swooning – isn’t this a great word!

Not in the sense of fading or fainting, but in the sense of being swirled into ecstasy while dazed and enraptured – in a good way, and only momentarily of course.

It’s interesting though, how some people associate words based on their personal experience with them. I mean, if we consider the synonyms associated with the word swoon – it’s hardly one to bring up in a love-themed poem. But when I think of the word swoon, I see it as a cartoon bubble filled with swirls, stars, and hearts plopped over my head when suddenly exalted with joy, excitement, and anticipation while the swirl of utter bliss and ecstasy spirals up and down my core.

Wow! I’m feeling dizzy just trying to explain this!

Momentarily sidetracked by swoon, let me get back to the latest on Apricity by the Sea.

What is it exactly that happened to Harold? Was he swooned by apricity or swooned by Apricity? There certainly was some sort of swooning going on. But by whom? Or by what? Could it have been a combination of elements that affected his thoughts while being apricitied as he stood next to Apricity?

Whatever happened, somehow Marianne got wind of it and no matter how apricitied he was by the shore, Harold’s deep in hot water when he returns home!

With Valentine’s Day wrapping up Week 2, one might think I’d be all out of love-themed poems. But unlike being swooned, love lasts longer – and thank goodness for that! Otherwise we’d all be walking around dizzy-headed not knowing where we’re going!

Keep reading to find out if the termagant of this tale is rightfully enraged, overly jealous, or just ready to leave Harold no matter what!

Be sure not to miss Week 3!

Apricity’s tale continues, there are more love-themed poems, and focus on this month’s word continues in a quest to include apricity in the English dictionary.

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