Week 4 : Apricities

As dismal as the beginning of this poem might seem, Cadent Words’ February love-themed poems have a tendency to end on a positive note.

Another poem written many years ago, it has somehow found a way to weave itself into February’s tale – Apricity by the Sea.

After reading Harold’s Wordy Surrender, it’s rather clear that he has decided to abandon Apricity as well as the word apricity. If that weren’t disheartening enough, the following segment – Apricity’s Demise, surely sounds like we’re heading into a downward spiral.

However disheartening the start of this poem seems, a frozen heart doesn’t necessarily have to take on a metaphoric emotional meaning. Although I can’t exactly recall if I wrote this poem at the same time I created a frozen heart, both certainly came from the same thought, emotion, and location.

Stationed at the same pier where I usually ended my morning exercise routine, after an unusually heavy snowfall, apricity touched every snowflake and converted each one into perfect snowman-making condition. But instead of constructing a snowman, I constructed a heart.

Now I realize how February’s seaside tale has taken a rather somber turn, I mean, with Apricity’s Demise and Harold Unravels, I have to admit it’s becoming a little depressing!

But I am decided and determined to end the week and the month of February on a positive note. So if the start of Week 4 seems a little bleak, why not take a peek at this uplifting Love Sonnet:

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