WORD : blissful

blissed with a kiss

or blissed with a word

for a blissful thought

to write about?

Part 1 of 3

To answer the question posed in this short and sweet gathering of words – I myself, quite enjoy being blissed by both.

It’s difficult to avoid the thought of a kiss when studying the word bliss, but as easy as it is to get carried away with blissful thoughts and pleasures, I will do my best to stick to the titillating topic of this word while I embark on the features and highlights surrounding the theme of sensuality.

So many words to choose from when describing the joys of sensual pleasures, when it comes to bliss, it certainly seems that happiness is a common one!

Bliss is a sweet and simple word to play with while surrendering to sensual writing themes, and as with all other themes at Cadent Words, I’ll attempt to keep things light while I touch on a topic considered taboo by some, while thought of as a natural human sensory desire by others.

Be sure to be blissed in part 2 of this brief 3-part segment on all things blissful:

wishful for blissful

inspirational words

to tenderly tickle

a writing urge

Part 2 of 3

Exploring various themes while writing poetry, it was the theme of sensuality that led me to create the first WordBank to go along with each of the ISM categories featured at Cadent Poems.

Unfortunately, many of the files I had worked on and saved have gone missing, therefore I’m left with an empty WordBank that needs to be refilled. But searching for sensual words isn’t such an arduous task – it’s rather quite amusing and it ignites new imageries and fantasies to write about.

There are so many playful sensual words to come up with! If I had a penny for every thought each conjures, I’d certainly be blissfully rich!

Brimful with blissful thoughts brought on by this blissed word, don’t miss the last segment and galavant into a Blissful Wordsmith’s poem:

blissfully tiltered

by a blissful philter

lets bliss this tilter

while blissfully philtered

Part 3 of 3

To tilter or filter or philter? This blissful trickle of words is rather nonsensical, but I could not resist including it to filter through a few more sensual words.

Now, I have to point out that I’m not in any way promoting the use of drugs or magic potions, but I’m also not one to judge or criticize whatever individuals choose to do.

However, when applying the word philter to the silly Philter Tilter group of words, I was referring to the creative juices that filter and flow so naturally through the mind and body when blissfully titillated by a respectful and loving partner.

Call me old-school or old fashion, it’s almost impossible for me to write about sensual and blissful pleasures without injecting a bit of whimsy and romance involving consenting and respectful adults.

Thank you for reading through this brief segment on the word blissful. Be sure to visit the next featured highlight focusing on the theme of sensuality and more of Cadence’s blissful words.

Dip into the decadent theme of sensualism for more on this delightful and dreamy subject:

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